Electronic Health Records

The BEHAVE EHR has the entire treatment service delivery lifecycle covered from intake to discharge


Clinical Department Icon

Clinical Department


Clinical Director

Supervising a team of clinicians who work with many patients can be challenging without the right tools. We provide a caseload management dashboard, treatment plans with integrated progress measures, and data benchmarks across all our customers.

Clinical Therapist

Your clinicians will benefit from our fully-integrated scheduling, guided treatment planning with integrated progress measures, and efficient clinical note system.

Behavioral Health Technician

Our software provides a central location to manage all BHT activities, integrated group and appointment scheduling, family communications and case management.

Clinical Operations

Tools & Workflows

Clinical Assessments

Spend your time focusing on your patients and let us handle compliance. Our clinical assessments are continuously updated with all major insurance company medical necessity criteria.

Treatment Plans

Empower your clinicians to capture progress metrics, improving treatment outcomes and showing your program effectiveness. Our treatment planning workflow ensures compliance with government regulations and insurance standards.

Progress Reviews

Easily capture progress reviews ahead of authorization calls.  Our patient progress measures provide data to show your program is working.

Group Management

Manage all of your groups directly in our EHR. Once you assign patients to each group, you can easily add schedules, files, and follow-up tasks.

Clinical Scheduling

Manage all of your patients' schedules and minimize confusion by giving your team real-time information about where the patients are and where they need to go next.

Clinical Notes

Your clinical team will be able to add individual and group notes easily, which makes documentation a seamless experience and contributes to a smooth billing process.


Information From Other Departments

Housing Notes & Incidents

Your clinical team will always know what happens across your housing department, with integrated shift notes and incident reports.

Medication Management

Utilizing our medication tracking feature, your clinical staff will always know what medications your patients are prescribed. Treatment is coordinated across all departments.

Drug Test Results

Keeping your patients’ recovery on track is impossible without drug test result data. We make it easy for your clinical team to view drug test results for each patient.

Medical Department Icon

Medical Department


Medical Director

The medical director leads the department and is responsible for all medical decisions for patients, from medication orders to lab tests.

Registered Nurse

The nursing team manages the medical office, executes the orders of the director, and ensures compliance with treatment plans.

Medical Technician

The medical technician responsibilities include filling new prescriptions, managing medication inventory, and handling the med pass process.


Medical Operations

Tools & Workflows

Medical Assessments

All of the medical assessments you need for new patient intakes are built in and comply with insurance standards.

Physician Orders

Your doctor can order tests and medications directly through our EHR. Your medical team is alerted if any standing orders change.

Nursing Notes

Nursing staff can complete all of their notes, including detox assessments like COWS and CIWA.



Drug Tests

Point-of-care drug test results are captured directly in our EHR.

Lab Results

Doctors can easily order a lab test through our EHR.

Vital Signs

Medical staff can capture vital signs and view all data graphed over time in our EHR.


Medication Management

Electronic Prescribing

Your doctors can prescribe medications electronically using our DrFirst e-prescribing platform integration.

Medication Inventory

Automated inventory updates save your team critical time during your med pass.

Pharmacy Logistics

Orders are sent directly to your prefered pharmacy though our DrFirst e-prescribing platform integration.

Med Pass Workflow

Your medical technicians will be guided through med pass to make sure every patient recieves their medication.

Housing Department Icon

Housing Department


Housing Operations

Tools & Workflows

Bed Management

Use the bed management system to replace your whiteboards and spreadsheets.

Notes & Incidents

Stay on top of what happens across your housing department with integrated shift notes and incident reports.

Drug Tests

The EHR makes it easy for your team to view drug test results for each patient.


Keep track of all your properties with our property management system.


Track all of your company vehicles and manage maintenance/repairs using our task management system.

Operations Department Icon

Operations Department


Recovery & Business Operations

Tools & Workflows

Case Management Notes

Case management sessions are covered by many insurance policies. Just document these sessions using our clinical notes and we will handle the reimbursement.

Community Connections

Easily track patient connections to organizations and people throughout the community.

Communication Logs

Stay on top of each case by reviewing the integrated communications logs in our CRM.


Business Operations

Office Buildings

Keep track of your office properties with our property management system.


Track all of your company vehicles and manage maintenance/repairs using our task management system.

Housing Properties

Keep track of your housing properties with our property management system.


Account Management


Utilize our automated digital verification system to alert you if any patient policies lapse. (Coming Soon)


Each patient can access and pay their account balance through the Patient Portal.

Online Payments

Save time by collecting payments digitally through our integrated payment gateway.