Customer Relationship Management

We built a CRM system directly into our software platform, giving you everything you need all in one place


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join our NEtwork of Trusted providers to match with clients

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Organization Profile Page

Add images and videos to make your BRIDGE profile a showcase for your business.

Team Page

Your best asset is your team. Use our team page to make sure you put your best foot forward.

Web Presence

You already put a lot of effort into your website and social media so let the BRIDGE be a hub for you on the web.


Real-time Bed Count

The BRIDGE provides real-time bed count powered by an integrated bed management software system.

Instant VOB

The BRIDGE gives you a one-button insurance verification process allowing you to focus on the patient admissions.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO strategy is embedded in the foundation of the BRIDGE giving you a digital marketing platform partner.

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Admissions & Intake


Admit & Intake New Patients

Tools & Workflows

New Patient Application

Our admissions application webform is the easiest way for a new patient to request admission to your program.

Verification of Benefits

Instantly request a verification of benefits (VOB) for any new patient application. Our proprietary VOB process delivers exceptional detail and leads to better billing outcomes.

Manage Patient Leads

Track each new patient lead in our CRM to keep your beds filled and ensure maximum occupancy.

Online Payment Collections

Collect upfront fees, due at the start of treatment, through our online payment processor. This reduces your financial risk and streamlines the patient intake process.

Track Referral Sources

Manage your referral relationships with organizations and community contacts in our CRM. Determine your most effective referal channels using our data analytics.

Manage Insurance Networks

Managing relations with insurance companies can be challenging. As a trusted partner, we help you navigate the insurance maze.

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Patient Portal


Integrated Patient CHECK-IN & Check-OUT Automates Accountability

Patients Can view their Schedule to improve Attendance

Patient Engagement

Tools & Workflows

Tasks & Acountability

Keep your patients on track and accountable by assigning tasks.

Community Organizations

Connect patients to organizations and contacts in your community

Contacts & Communications

Share selected contacts with patients through the portal


Scheduling & Attendance

Automatically text your patients to remind them of their commitments

Progress & Outcomes

Integrated progress and outcome measures produce research data for your team and insurance companies

Treatment Plans

We enable shared decision making and empower patients to take charge of their own recovery


Keep your patients organized, hold them accountable, and track Progress.

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Alumni Relations


Alumni Program & Outcome Tracking

Tools & Workflows

Discharge Planning

Collaborate with patients to create discharge plans. Information is updated automatically through the portal to measure plan effectiveness.

Alumni Portal

Upon discharge, a patient profile transitions to an alumnus profile. This enables your facility to stay engaged with your alumni and track outcome data.

Recovery Resources

Patient recovery depends on a strong support network. Maintain a database of local employers, religious organizations, and support groups in our CRM.

Recovery Navigation

Guide patient recovery by connecting patients with local recovery resources. A roadmap to recovery is the first step to a successful outcome.

Outcome Tracking

Our platform automatically compiles outcome data using clinical research measures. We provide benchmark data so you can compare your quality and improve treatment. *Coming Soon

Relapse Intervention

Patients can follow their discharge plan through the portal. Portal activity data helps us to predict relapse and alert your care team for intervention. *Coming Soon


If a readmission is required, a new episode of care can quickly be created. Previous information from prior episodes of care can also be viewed.