Revenue Cycle Management

We handle your health insurance billing from patient intake to discharge

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Verification of Benefits

What does our team do for you?

  • Receive immediate electronic verifications and the detailed results of our verification call.

  • Our process covers eligibility, policy restrictions, authorizations required, provides our recommendations, and more.

  • Our proprietary verification process ensures that your facility is compliant with the payers' standards.

What is the DEliverable You can expect from US?

Coverage of benefits analysis directly in the BEHAVE EHR patient record

  • Eligibility and covered benefits

  • Coinsurance and copays

  • Deductibles and out-of-pocket amounts

  • Limitations and restrictions

  • Pre-Authorization requirements

  • Reimbursement rates, if applicable

Why do OUR Customers win?

Customers get a fast response and the most comprehensive VOB in the industry. Our unique VOB process gives us deep insight into the reimbursement our customers can expect.


Utilization Review


  • Utilization specialists assist your clinical team and treatment facility in understanding your patients’ insurance benefits.

  • The Behave UR team is staffed with licensed clinicians and experienced specialists backed by our data analytics team.

  • Our team will guide your clinical staff on proper documentation techniques to accurately communicate medical necessity.

  • We empower our UR team with digital insights that guide them through the process to ensure maximum authorizations.

What is the DEliverable You can expect from US?

Authorization report is accessible immediately after completion in the BEHAVE EHR

  • Level of care authorized

  • Number of days authorized

  • Date of next progress review

  • Care manager analysis

Why do OUR Customers win?

Quick authorizations at the highest level of care for the most days using our superior information analysis and speed of execution.

Billing & Collections

WHAT Does our team DO FOR YOU?

  • The BEHAVE BILLING SERVICE is seamlessly integrated into the BEHAVE EHR.

  • When your clinical team completes the attendance roster and clinical notes in BEHAVE EHR we are ready to start billing.

  • Our streamlined process reduces human error and billing delays often experienced by customers of other vendors.

What is the DEliverable You can expect from US?

BEHAVE BILLING sets a new standard in behavioral health

  • Accurate, clean claims on every submission, less rejections equals faster reimbursements.

  • Billing information flows to the Behave EHR and gives you deep insight into your claims at every stage of the process.

  • Curated database of behavioral health codes across all payers yields actionable business intelligence.

  • Behave EHR gives you real-time visibility into the billing cycle saving you time, money, and stress.

  • Instant payment posting to give you accurate financial snapshots of your business

Why do OUR Customers win?

Methodical, meticulous, and relentless claim follow-up, collections and posting.  Our Artificial Intelligence team member, Behave Bot, enhances our billing team with machine learning insights to guide our stakeholders.


Patient Responsibility Payments

WHAT Does our team DO FOR YOU?

  • Automated patient responsibility collections via letters and emails directly to patients or financial fiduciary.

  • Integrated digital collections enable your patients to pay directly online.

What is the DEliverable You can expect from US?

  • Track all outstanding payments owed to your facility by the patient or fiduciary and the insurance payer.

  • Electronic records to demonstrate proof of deductible, copay collections, and attempts.

  • Extensive digital reports showing balances and progress toward collections.

  • Integrated payment plans for your patients to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Why do OUR Customers win?

BEHAVE makes it easy to comply with insurance regulations with proof of patients responsibility.


Denials & Appeals

WHAT Does our team DO FOR YOU?

  • Identify insufficient information within your claims.

  • Review that services received are covered under member’s plan.

  • Confirm members have not exceeded limits within their specific plan.

  • Identifying errors in claim processing made by the payer.

  • Gather all necessary information to support the appeal and submit all documentation

What is the DEliverable You can expect from US?

Monitor denials and appeals directly in your BEHAVE EHR

  • View all denials and appeals in your aging report

  • Check the status of each denial and appeal from submission to adjudication.

  • Get immediate notification of successful appeals

Why do OUR Customers win?

Our customers win because we handle all the work seamlessly without any extra effort to gather information because its all inside the BEHAVE EHR.